Our Internet Legacy in Social Marketing

Our Internet Legacy in Social Marketing

Social Marketing Can Define Business and People

Social Marketing is a very common phrase when it comes to rankings and internet exposure. Search engines and large online social businesses profit as we all vie for position and spend exorbitant amounts of our hard earned money to raise traffic, be seen, likes, posted, tweeted and pinned. Our hopes are get more eyes on our services and products so that new and returning customers will buy and boost our conversion rates, to raise more income to try and drive traffic again… it’s a crazy, always illusive moving target as search engines push out updates that upset the balance, and social accounts come and go. We need it though it seems and so we play the game in the hopes we can beat the house some day. And some do, many don’t.

James Garner - Jim RockfordAs I was working on client sites today, playing in the social jungle I found out that James Garner passed. People Magazine described Garner as “one of Hollywood’s most likable leading men on the big screen and on TV”; and growing up watching Jim Rockford with my dad was one of my favorite memories as it reminded me of a time when he was around and things seemed most stable. As I stumbled upon the news, I spent the past few hours pouring over image searches, wiki articles, and a myriad of other sites all giving me a few more details which drove me forward to find more. It was bitter-sweet knowing the world is a little less without him, at least my world, but I noticed online – there was no lack of information, in fact I couldn’t get through it all.

Mr Garner has been around and doing movies for decades. He’s been in popular series, cool and popular movies and in the public eye for as far back as I can recall. His internet impression will live on long as long as it continues to be. What’s amazing is that the internet, although is being used for business, communication, and entertainment; it is a living record of our lives and society throughout the span of time. And what’s more is that it doesn’t forget. Oh it can be corrupted, changed, edited, and altered (like Wikipedia), but with the onslaught of users logging in every millisecond with searches, updates, shares and emails – the data builds up all over again like some sort of living entity.

Social Marketing’s Lasting Impressions

The internet connects us. And by doing so it reveals, gossips, records and preserves what we do. As an internet marketer, I spend countless hours typing into it more and more data about my clients and their services. I assist in quoting testimonies, submitting articles, optimizing images and text, and verifying sitemaps to search. All my hours build profiles on my clients which help showcase their businesses and online persona to the world coaxing it to respond and develop relationships with them.

Additionally, I then use social marketing to carry that information to other places, to bring in even more interest and fostering links, likes, pins and visits all of which turn into leads, business relationships and connected networks. It’s powerful, it’s exciting (at times) and it’s longevity is endless.

In my searching, I came across a LinkedIn profile of a friend of mine. I haven’t spoken to him in years, but his profile is active, he has a network of friends and businesses, links to past employment, a history of education, he has many recommendations, praises, and endorsements and by the looks of it, anyone would say he was successful, happy and connected. The only problem is, he passed away in 2010.

You see much like James Garner, although not as largely promoted, my friend’s legacy and his social profile lives on and will continue to do so as long as the internet is alive. FaceBook and other businesses say they delete nothing, and every day other internet marketers like myself, other fans, friends, haters, lovers, bloggers, together with the media, government and even 7 yr-old gamers: data pours in and records our lives for all to see as it continually builds into this living time capsule.

Social Marketing will help carry the torch, pass on information and let every one know what the latest is, and since my friend took his login information to the grave with him, LinkedIn will keep him alive and well for ages to come.