Marketing Strategies That Work

Marketing Strategies That Work

Marketing Strategies at a Glance

Marketing Strategies That WorkOver the years there have been so many marketing strategies that, well according to them should have made us all billionaires within a few years. Although that would be nice, the truth is not many of them work and a lot of them expire as quickly as bananas do once you bring them home.

Having been in and around the IT world since a child and as a professional in customer service and sales since 1992, I’ve seen technology grow from saving a few lines of code on cassette tapes to Gigabytes of code on USB’s that fit in jewelry. I’ve watched Google and Yahoo come online with their listing in alphabetical order BEFORE search ruled. And I’ve seen the .com explosion, implosion and rebirth again. If seen giants topple and the little guys come out of nowhere and strike it big.

Internet-wise, I’ve seen marketing strategies claims of keyword-seeded domains, PPC guarantees, alphabetical listing guarantees, spammed keywords, white-out keyword philosophies, link wheels, inner-networked linking networks, blog spams, oversea .gov link guarantees and much more all claiming to take a website to page 1 within days and even some within hours. I’ve seen the dawn of SPAM and it’s “sort of” containment, and as for marketing material – almost everything slowed down when email came on-board rendering stamps an unnecessary gamble in flyer and ad marketing; especially as newspapers and magazines slowly give way to the internet.

My Marketing Strategies Checklist

So what’s the answer? How can we possibly stay ahead of trends in the internet and reach people without getting blacklisted for spamming, yelled at on the phone or thrown away without a second thought or consideration? Truthfully, you can’t – but what you can do is keep at it because you will eventually reach the customers that need you – you just may have to wade and push through a bit first; and the only way to do that is in persistence in your marketing strategies; to not stop and try to increase. Even if you have little or no capital, there are still ways to get your message out there and for me – tried and true it’s 4 methods. Not magic bullets, but powerful ones just the same. My marketing strategies are SEO, affiliate sales, newsletters and good old-fashion good customer service.

SEO – The Ultimate Punch Bullet

I have seen no other tool in all marketing strategies that can potentially bring you the most exposure to your business than I have seen in SEO, period. With the right website design, the right keywords and a top 10 position, you are almost guaranteed success.
Affiliates – A Long-Range Bullet
As far as marketing strategies go, I don’t use the traditional sense of affiliate marketing, but rather look for like-minded businesses where we can benefit from each other. From high commissions to swapped services – I have found these alliances extremely valuable, especially over the long haul.
Newsletter – Long-Range with Punch Bullet
Although this one takes a bit more time to finesse; constant communication in newsletters as one of my marketing strategies help bring in businesses. By offering services, sales and even tips – you can reach out to thousands of past and present customers as well as new opt-in customers continually as a familiar voice, ultimately leading to more projects and sales.
Customer Service – Short-Range Bullet
Often over-looked, this is your most important of one-shot marketing strategies in your arsenal. It doesn’t matter if you are top 10, have newsletters coming out every day, have spent thousands of dollars in media ads, and have and endless supply of marketing capital – if you do not take care of your customers – they will leave. They are your businesses life-source and should always be priority when they need your services.

Grooming and Refining Marketing Strategies

So many businesses come and go especially in these times as economic, internet and even social conditions are always in flux. To stay alive and to maintain a healthy business, we all need to find those key marketing strategies that help us maintain even the the worst of times. As I said, I have found no magic bullet and I doubt I ever will, however what I have found is that utilizing these four marketing strategies non-stop and looking for ways to improve them has kept my business alive all these years. How about you? What are your marketing strategies?