Social Networking Gets You Noticed

Social Networking Gets You Noticed

Social Networking Has Reach

If you compare the other social sites, even the ones of old  like MySpace, you’ll find no other platform that can bring both social relational and social business together like FaceBook. With over 800 million people of which 40% connect using their mobile devices, if used correctly, Facebook can generate enormous traffic and give you credibility on Google.

Since there are roughly 100 million “likes” happening on Facebook pages alone, as well as 2 billion posts liked and commented on; it’s no wonder so many businesses are now hopping on social networking as well. In fact, LinkedIn (a similar network of just business CEO’s) and other businesses are getting more attention and boosts thanks to FaceBook.

We can also help you get your fan page or business noticed by offering “Likes” in bulk groups. What we do is analyse the page you want “Liked” and then pull you in or network. We can generate thousands of likes for you, however doing it 500 at a time which is more natural and also allows the social networking time, to “Like” and recommend as they get to know you.

Social Networking Builds Trust

Online social networking relationships are often built by trust. So to get people to connect to your business businesses, they will typically support brands that they relate to and that other people or businesses recommend. By  connecting to these businesses, they are sharing their support and then referring your business to their network. Because of this, their customers’ friends – and, reach more people who are likely to listen which now brings in new prospects to hopefully engage and become new customers.

Social Networking Gets Your NoticedDid you know that about 78% of us trust person to person recommendations over other traditional forms of marketing and advertising? Social networking is a better way to make it accessible and simple to recommend your products and services through a “Like”  for your network to recommend.