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Online Visibility – Do You Have It?

[one_half position=””]Online VisibilityDepending on your marketing strategy there are various options that if used correctly will bring you that much needed traffic you’re looking for. From proper SEO and search engine submission maintenance, to partnered and social backlinks or even Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies. Online visibility is about getting the most “relevant” eyes looking at your website.

Got a new idea and need a website to showcase it? Tired of free websites with poor SEO and limited usability? Or maybe you’ve been tinkering long enough and/or sometimes it’s necessary to just start over. Whatever the reason, we can help. Use the form below and let us know about your project.

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[one_half position=””]Our Maintenance Contracts are all about helping you consistently move to the top. We offer SEO, branding, template changing, and even programming maintenance to ensure your website not only is ranked well, but converts. After-all, what good is internet visibility if your competitors are the preferred choice.

Increase Your Online Visibility

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Who’s Not Looking at You?

Most businesses still believe they just need to have a presence online and that alone will bring success. Unfortunately to truly have a presence online, you need to really work at it. There’s no secret way either, just persistent work. That’s why search engines like Google has good references to help you with your online visibility because they also know to really rank well in search you’ll need to work diligently to make it happen.

Since 2003 we’ve watching trends, seen business rise and rule, then crumble and fall. Remember MySpace? Believe it or not someone else’s site will even be bigger and work better than FaceBook. This is because the internet is a highly visible and extremely profitable marketplace. It’s easy to access and dreams still come true within it. It is one of our social arteries and the way more and more businesses conduct their business. It has made pockets deeper and the world smaller. So now you have to ask yourself, is your business ready to be found?


Marketing Strategy Tips

There are some schools of though on printed media vs. digital media when it comes to how to reach customers. Arguments for both sides are valid form SPAM awareness to the rising costs of snail-mail, it’s sometimes hard to gauge what works and what doesn’t. The key is to always record your results. No matter what you do, look at your traffic and sales numbers. See what efforts produced that “bump” or “slump.” You’ll get better and better at it too over time as you will begin to notice the seasons, elections, news of the economy and even the weather effect your marketing strategy results. Be sure to track it and you’ll see that statistical data is a MUST have when it comes to monitoring your online visibility marketing strategy.