Website Protection – Securing Your Security

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How Protected Are Your Customers and Their Data?

Website Protection or making sure you website has the Security Essentials needed to escape the rise in hacked websites all over the world is critical if you want to continue to do online business. Statistically most hack compromises are a result of easy passwords or out-dated code. In fact, poor coding and pass-wording policies is so common, there are literally thousands of sites being hacked every day. Website protection today looks much different than just a few years ago and the effects of hacking is also much worse. So what can we do?

If You’re Not Sure, Ask For Help

Website Protection costs a lot less if you are proactive. We offer security scans and fixes to lock down your site and keep your customers and data safe. Fill out the form below and let’s take a look.


Affordable Website Protection Plans

Our maintenance programs are designed to keep your website both safe and relevant. So you can be sure that with more internet exposure, you are both secure and the preferred choice over your competition. In this way you both protect and develop your customer base.[go_pricing id=”started”]

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You can also call us for a quote, especially if you feel your website has been compromised. Don’t let malicious attackers have their way with your website, your customers and your potential customers.

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Remember, Website Protection More often than not, people set it and forget it. They check the “remember my passwords” and loan out their computers; they give administrators rights to all the users in their websites; they even neglect to change passwords when an IT or webmaster has been fired. So because we don’t stay on top of updating or changing security – hacks are easily done resulting in wasted time, destruction of digital property and loss of money so make sure you have website protection today!